M. Buchmann, J. Johnston, E. Vivar, C. Pedrosa

"The fight agianst the dehumanizing oppression of woman in the particulary in the middle-class family."
-Ian Johnston
Play that was written in 1879. First true feminist play.

Ibsen was found to write for the middle class. He use middle class common language.
-He believed that the middle class was created by institutions of marriage, church, civil life and law.
-His main purpose for writing this play was to; shock and scandalize the middle class by attacking these institutions.

Nora tries to be the ideal 19th century housewife in a middle class marriage.

In my opinion (Melissa)-- The Reason Ibsen wrote this was to depict the role of women in order to empahasiz their role in society.
-Torvald treats Nora like she is his responsibilty.
-He puts his feelings and duties above her.
-He is a typical husband of his times.

Torvald: Nobody sacrifices his hounour for someone he loves.
Nora: Hundred and thousands of woman have.

He is refering to his social position.
Nora is saying, woman have done this to please soceity.

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